Yard Art Garland


I love, love, LOVE these! They are bright, fun and long lasting! A Yard Art Garland is made up of 50 brightly colored, polka dotted balloons. The balloons are linked together and easily tied to any fence, railing, post or just about anywhere you can tie to. I love these for outdoor use because they have time and time again, held up in brutal Nebraska weather.

I have had these last through 20-30 mph wind storms, 15″ snowstorms, rain, freezing weather, you name it. In the winter, I’ve had garlands last outside 3-5 days. There are a few that deflate along the way, but overall you’ll get some good life out of this garland.

Summer weather is much trickier on balloons. The heat and direct sunlight is the main culprit for short term balloon life. On a hot summer day, outside, you can expect this to last 6-36 hours depending on how hot it is and how much the sun hits the balloons. For optimal summer results do not put out until as close as possible to the moment of most important impact. Think 10-15 minutes before guest are to start to arrive.

Honestly, no matter the season, you and everyone who sees your garland, will instantly smile. 😊 The balloons are fabulously fun, beautifully bright and just so festive! When you see them, you know this is no ordinary day. Something special is happening!

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Each balloon is approximately 8-10″ long and 50 balloons is about 30ish feet. Let us know if you’d like your garland in (2) 25 balloon sections instead of (1) 50 balloon garland. Balloons are a mix of tropical rainbow colors. Use command hooks for indoor/garage installations.


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