Soldier in Camo


Home of the free because of the brave!

These are handcrafted with much honor and respect, especially for your special solider. This twisted creation is dressed in camo fatigues, with hand drawn camo print on the uniform and cover. Let me know your soldier’s skin tone, hair and eye color so I can personalize their balloon to match.

  • Classic sized: Stands between 2-2.5 feet tall
  • Deluxe sized: Stands between 3-4 feet tall

We can customize this to celebrate welcome home’s, birthday’s, retirements, promotions or even just because. Whatever the reason, this balloon is sure to bring JOY to your favorite soldier.

Although very similar featuring all of the same elements, no two are exactly the alike. Each one is created especially for your special soldier.

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Classic Sized, Deluxe Sized


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