Rainbow Birthday Bomb


Whether we’re celebrating our 1st birthday or 101st birthday, the Rainbow Rainbow Birthday Bomb is always a winner! This package is big, bright and FUN! The Birthday person is always BEAMING with happiness with this beautiful display. We pair our JUMBO (and reusable!) Airwalker Birthday Cupcake with a stunning silver or gold number balloon to create the perfect gift and photo display creating a fun and lasting memories for years to come.

Rainbow Birthday Bomb includes:

Celebrating a double digit birthday? We LOVE adding some extra pizzazz with a balloon bow to the numbers. Not only is it super cute, the bow holds the numbers together as a collective piece instead of 2 separate numbers. If you love it too, be sure to add a ‘Bow it up!’ to your design. 
Also pictured our Tropical Rainbow Birthday Bomb display. Both Birthday Bombs are the same size but different coloring.

Select your number balloon.

Celebrating a double digit birthday? Let us know the second digit we need. Pricing includes the second balloon as well as the second weight needed to anchor your design.

Add a balloon bow to the double digits.


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