Snow People


Where does a snowman keep his money?

In the SNOW banks! 🙂

But don’t worry at only $3 each, these adorable snowpeople won’t break the bank. Snowmen (& Snow-Ladies!) are a #1 item over the holiday season. They are the perfect gift size for when you need just a little something. Snowman balloons are hand-twisted and drawn, created with care to bring the JOY of the season to all your favorite people. Simply adorable on their own or add them to a candy cup to create the perfect for anyone.


Add a candy cup to your snowman balloon to create the perfect little gift. Candy Cups are stuffed with 2 dozen Hershey Kisses.

HiFloat is a coating that I put inside of each balloon to extend its lifespan. A snowman balloon on average looks its best the first few days and then slowly starts to deflate but with Hifloat your snowman will last for weeks!

If you’d like something other than red and green for the snowpeople’s scarves and bases, please let me know.

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