Marquee Style Minnie Mouse




Give your Minnie Mouse party a decoration that’s sure to make your birthday person feel extra special with a show-stopping, JUMBO centerpiece. We mix foil and latex balloons with hand-twisted accents to create this stunning piece.

The base of this creation is made up of a variety of beautiful pink latex balloons. We use a mixture of tints, double stuffs as well as our shiny Chrome balloons to create depth and visual interest to this piece. Within the design you will find our JUMBO 28″, double-sided Minnie Mouse balloon as well as an 18″ satin pink heart. To complement the foil balloons and complete the design, we’ve added details of hand-twisted flowers along with cute curly q’s in a our stunning Chrome Pink.

Although very similar and featuring all of the same elements, no two are exactly the alike. Each one is created especially for your special someone. Any Minnie Mouse Fan is sure to fall in love with this one of a kind creation.

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