Gingerbread Friends


What’s richer than a Gingerbread Man cookie? …A fortune cookie… :o)

But have no fear you won’t need a fortune for these Gingerbread Friends! These adorable Gingerbread Friends  are a #1 item over the holiday season. They are the perfect gift size for when you need just a little something. Gingerbread Friends are hand-twisted and drawn, created with care to bring the JOY of the season to all your favorite people. Simply adorable on their own or add them to a candy cup to create the perfect for anyone.

Add a candy cup to your Gingerbread balloon to create the perfect little gift. Candy Cups are stuffed with 2 dozen Hershey Kisses.

HiFloat is a coating that I put inside of each balloon to extend its lifespan. A Gingerbread balloon on average looks its best the first few days and then slowly starts to deflate but with Hifloat your Gingerbread will last for weeks!

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Gingerbread Friends



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