11″ Get Well Latex


They’ll be feeling better in no time with our Get Well Balloons! These thoughtful balloons come in an assortment of colors, with puffy clouds, big suns and the headline “Get Well” in white. Mix and match multiples together or pair with some of our Get Well foil balloons to complete a truly uplifting arrangement.

Balloons come inflated with helium and treated with hifloat but don’t forget your weight! One weight can hold approximately 10-12 (11″) latex balloons.


Hifloat is a coating that goes inside the balloon & extends the float time. Without it, they’ll float for about 12-18 hours (indoors) & look best within the first 6 hours of inflation. BUT, with Hifloat, they’ll stay inflated for days and sometimes even weeks. We have seen them and had many reports of the balloons floating for well over a month!



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