#commUNITY Cares Adopt-a-Grandparent


On average, Central City has 140 seniors in our assisted living homes.

Did you know about half of them are without friends or family? Over the last two years even those with family and friends, couldn’t have visitors, company, or outside entertainment. Our hearts break because our Grandpeople are lonely.

BB’s and Magnolia’s need your help to remind each of our Grandpeople, they are NOT forgotten or alone. Our #commUNITY cares about each and every one of them. With your sponsorship we will be able to deliver custom created gifts to ALL seniors in our assisted living homes, FIVE times a year.

Your sponsorship with BB’s, helps in creating something unique to our area. Personally delivered handcrafted balloons and sweet treats with your sponsorship, in addition to clothing and decorative items provided by Magnolia’s Boutique and their sponsors. 

Both BB’s and Magnolia’s are sponsoring 2 Grandpeople from each of our assisted living facilities, for a total of 12 seniors. We need our #commUNITY to help us provide for the remaining 128 Grandpeople. It’s essential to remind them, they are not forgotten!

Our program will run April 1, 2022-March 31, 2023 with each Senior receiving deliveries and gifts FIVE times in the year including:

  • Their birthday
  • 2 Seasonal deliveries
  • A Tiny Turkey balloon at Thanksgiving
  • A Holiday Gift in December

Your sponsorship will help provide smiles all year long!

Each of the 4 main deliveries are valued between $25-$35 and will be a mix of balloons from Brandy’s and gift items from Magnolia’s Boutique. Plus, a 5th delivery of a Tiny Turkey balloon at Thanksgiving.

Thank you for helping shower our seniors with love. Because of your sponsorship we will be able to  generate heartfelt gifts of remembrance, love, and JOY for all of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of our #commUNITY.

***At checkout select Local Pickup at Magnolia’s with any date and time as delivery is included.

All sponsors through Brandy’s Balloons will be included in each monthly update posting as well as receive 10% off all future orders from Brandy’s Balloons through March 31, 2023.

Please be sure to list your name or organization’s name as you would like it to appear on sponsor Thank You postings.

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A BIG thank you to BB’s  #commUNITY Sponsors!!! Please be sure to check out Magnolia’s Boutique for a list of their amazing sponsors. ☺️❤️


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