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Numbered balloons, printed balloons, latex balloons, ALL the balloons! 🙂 Big or small, we do it all. Whether they are turning 1 or 101, BB’s can create beautiful bouquets for your party!

Have BB’s custom build your bouquet for your celebrations needs. This is perfect for the person who just wants me to put something together for them. Let me know the occasion we’re celebrating (just because, birthday, retirement, graduation, new baby, etc.) along with a few specific details you’d like to see, your budget and finally if you’d like to pick it up or have it delivered. That’s it! I do the rest and send you a picture of your fabulous bouquet.

General Pricing includes helium and ribbon:

  • BIG 40″ Numbered balloons $16.99 each
  • 18″-36″ Foil/Mylar balloons $6.99-$21.99 each
  • 11″ Latex Balloons with Hifloat $3.99 each
  • 22″ Bubbles $9.99 each
  • Balloon Weights $2.99 each

Hifloat is a treatment for latex balloons. It is a coating that goes inside the balloon & extends the float time. Without Hifloat balloons will float for about 12 hours & look best within the first 6 hours of inflation but with it they’ll float for a week or more. We have also seen them and had many reports of the balloons floating for well over a month!

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