Bright Sunny Smile Bouquet


This fantastic, floor height, stacked bouquet is bright and HAPPY! The focus and inspiration of this beautiful bouquet is the big, smiling sun. Birthday, pool party or just because, this bouquet is loved by all.

Bouquet includes:

  • (1) 29″ Bright Smiley Sun balloon
  • (3) 11″ yellow/orange tie dye latex balloons treated with hifloat
  • (3) 11″ Neon pink latex balloons treated with hifloat
  • (3) 11″ red/orange tie dye balloons treated with hifloat
  • (1) Balloon weight.

Hifloat is a coating that goes inside the balloon & extends the float time. Balloons stay inflated for days and sometimes even weeks. We have seen and had many reports of the balloons floating for well over a month! You are sure to get lots of life out of this sunny bouquet.

Pictured with: Jumbo Numbers and Flower Bows.






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