Bringing smiles for miles by creating amazing memories with awesome balloons!

BB’s is all about bringing smiles for miles by creating amazing memories with awesome balloons!
Hello and thank you for stopping by! My name is Brandy Rima (sounds like Rhyma) and I am the owner of BB’s. I have a love for creating a fun, exciting and unique experience for you and your loved ones with balloons!

BB’s stands for Brandy’s Balloons and my love affair with balloons began in San Antonio, Texas back in 2004. The first balloon I ever made was your basic dog followed by a very sad sword. 🙂 From there I began learning, creating and running wild with balloons.

Founded in June of 2013, I do business all over ‘The Good Life’ state but BB’s is located in Central City, Nebraska. I started this business because what I love most of all is bringing joy to others! Was it scary to quit my job, start a business and hope I’d stay ‘afloat’? You betcha!! But I am a firm believer of following your dreams and I have loved every single minute of watching BB’s grow, change and evolve.

Honestly, my passion lies in happiness! I love bringing it to others as well as enjoying the journey of life and finding my own. I absolutely love, love, LOVE creating unique balloons made especially for the special people in your life. I love hearing why you want to send someone a creation, how special they are to you and delivering your most heartfelt happiness! I adore the smile on someone’s face when they receive a balloon. They are so surprised and just in awe over the unique thoughtfulness.

Thank you again for stopping by BB’s! Look around, get some ideas and let me know how I can help you create amazing memories with balloons.

My passion is JOY! Finding it, giving it and bringing it to all I meet.

One of the most common questions I get asked about creating balloons is:
What is your favorite balloon to make?
I smile every time when I think about it and answer ‘none’.  Everyone always looks so shocked and I have to laugh as I elaborate.

Yes, I really do love making balloons. They are so creative, whimsical, unique and fun! But what I honestly love, and I mean deep down in my heart LOVE, is helping you bring those most special to you, JOY.

It’s not about the actual design for me, balloons are just the absolute best medium I know of for bringing joy, cheer and happiness to everyone. I haven’t met anyone (yet!) who didn’t smile with a balloon…but I’m always up for a good challenge! 🙂