Balloon Care Tips

We want to see you get the most life out of your balloons. Here are a few tips to help ensure that happens! 

Temperature: Balloons are VERY sensitive to heat and direct sunlight! Do not leave them in a hot car and please have your AC running on HIGH in your vehicle on hot days to protect the life of your balloon.

Oxidization: Clear balloons will quickly become cloudy and colored balloons will take on a velvety, matte appearance when exposed to heat and direct sunlight. For longest shine, keep balloons out of direct sunlight.

Balloons can pop: Heat, lights, irregular surfaces and even static can pop balloons. Dispose of burst balloon pieces immediately to keep both children and pets safe from choking hazards. While we use the highest quality balloons and take every precaution necessary with your balloons to ensure they last through your event, once the balloons leave our door or we have left the venue, they are out of our control.

Environment: At the end of a balloon’s life, cut the end of the balloon to remove any air or helium, then dispose of it in the trash bin. NEVER release balloons into the environment. ALL released balloons become litter. They can get caught up in trees or power lines. We recommend the Balloon Council’s smart practices to continue to nurture the public’s positive feelings about balloons; and Prevent anti-balloon legislation attempts in the future. Remember – Don’t Let Go, Pin It and (Recycle) Bin It 😊

Allergies: Most balloons are made of natural rubber latex. Please watch out for symptoms and dispose of any balloons immediately should any allergy symptoms arise.

Pro Tip: We recommend storing your air filledtwisted creations in the fridge/freezer/deep freeze until you are ready to display/give them. This prolongs their lifespan and ensures extra freshness. However to get the most life out of your helium filled bouquets we recommend storing your balloons at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.